Young Greens for Maggie

A group of Young Greens have announced their support for the campaign to re-elect Maggie Chapman as co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party.

Dominic O’Hagan


“When I was a student officer at Aberdeen University Students’ Association, Maggie was incredibly supportive. As Rector of Aberdeen University, she is always on the side of students, and we worked together on many projects, including the recently announced refugee scholarship scheme Northern Lights.

“Having seen first hand how much Maggie cares and how effective she is, I have absolutely no hesitation in supporting her re-election as co-convenor of the Scottish Greens.

“That’s why I’m voting to #ReelectMaggie.”

Dominic O’Hagan is a Scottish Young Green and was President for Environment and Ethics of Aberdeen University Students’ Association 2014-15.

Sarah Beattie-Smith

Sarah BS

“Maggie has inspired me since long before I joined the party. She’s got the perfect combination of youth and experience and of ability and humility. As a young green standing for Parliament, I feel really lucky to have Maggie leading our party – that’s why I’m voting to #ReelectMaggie”

Sarah Beattie-Smith, is a Scottish Young Green and the lead candidate in the South of Scotland.

Garie Hasson


“Both Zara, who I have worked with on a few things, and Maggie would be fabulous in the role as co-convenor. However, Maggie’s commitment to opening up the party roles to non-binary people, like myself, who are often forgotten about and misunderstood in the gender equality debate swayed me to vote to re-elect Maggie, ensuring the Green party remains at the forefront of the LGBT+ rights movement”

Garie Hasson is a Scottish Young Green in Glasgow

Ceris Aston


“Before ever meeting Maggie, I admired her for her strong stance against austerity, her work campaigning for an independent Scotland and her commitment to feminism and social justice. When we did finally meet, she impressed me also with her warm welcome, her integrity and her lack of ego. Maggie values people – those she campaigns with and those she campaigns for. She’s a big part of the reason why I’ve actively campaigned for the Scottish Greens this past year, and why I will continue to do so.

“Maggie has worked long and tirelessly to bring the Scottish Greens to where we are today, and as the party looks forward to our biggest ever Holyrood campaign I trust that she will lead us to a just, fair Scotland. Both by her deeds and by her words, Maggie has proven that she can and will lead change – so I’m voting to ‪#‎ReElectMaggie‬.”

Ceris Aston is a Scottish Young Green.

Jacob Elis


“I would like to endorse Maggie as co-convener as I feel she is the best candidate for the job. It has been wonderful to have her along helping the university society at various events, and she came along to help out at the freshers stall in September. We are looking forward to starting the campaigning for 2016 soon and I would like to see Maggie lead the charge!”

Jacob Elis is Treasurer of the Dundee Uni Greens

Mike Williamson

Mike W

I joined the Greens in 2012, shortly before we launched Green Yes, having met Maggie Chapman and a few other Greens through their involvement in the anti-cuts movement. Since then, the party has changed massively, not only in terms of size but also in political direction. Maggie has been at the forefront of much of that change, leading on the living wage, on anti-austerity, and on radical democracy. I trust Maggie with the future direction of our party.”

Mike Williamson, is a Scottish Young Green based in Edinburgh

Jay Sutherland

Jay Sutherland

“Maggie has represented the Scottish Greens so well over the years, she has been a true asset to the party, as co-convenor she has brought new, radical and engaging ideas to our party and is very principled.’’

Jay is a Scottish Young Green based in Ayrshire

Gabriel Neil


“I have always been impressed with Maggie’s tireless campaigning on issues such as rent controls and opposing austerity. This work ethic has made her a fantastic co-convenor, keen to reach out to other organisations and drawing wide support across Scottish society. Her experience as a Green councillor for 8 years and one of the Greens’ representatives on the Smith Commission make her an excellent choice for co-convenor. Maggie Chapman is a strong radical voice in the party who will continue to be an excellent spokesperson for the Scottish Greens if re-elected.

Gabriel Neil, is a Scottish Young Green based in Dundee

Philippa Faulkner


“I’m voting for Maggie because of her record on pursuing a radical agenda for a just, peaceful, welcoming Scotland. Words like hope and change are often used as political sound bites. Too many politicians use words like “hope” and “change” as soundbites. I trust Maggie to deliver.”

Philippa Faulkner is a Scottish Young Green based in Edinburgh

Daniel McFarlane

Daniel McFarlane

“Maggie’s been an excellent help to us in the Dundee University Green Society. I can’t imagine that there are many societies that can say they had the co-convenor of their affiliated party at their society Freshers Week stall! And, over the past few months Maggie’s provided our society with canvassing training, talks on Green issues and come out for our social events. It’s been a pleasure to have Maggie along and I think she’s a great asset to the party.”

Daniel McFarlane is co-convener of the Dundee University Green Society

Alys Mumford


“Maggie has been an inspiration to me as a young women involved in the Scottish Green Party. Her leadership of the party through our fantastic growth, her radical and compassionate political analysis, and her words of personal support and encouragement have all led me to deepen my commitment and involvement of the party.

“Maggie has been an exemplary local councillor, a force for change as Co-Convener of the party, and a phenomenal candidate in the European elections which made me prouder than ever to be a Scottish Green.

“With Holyrood elections around the corner, and another year of opportunities and challenges to come, we need Maggie at the helm. I’m voting to #ReElectMaggie.”

Jae Bach Hardie


“Maggie Chapman is both an inspiring speaker and an approachable leader. She is the uniting force the Green Party needs as we continue to expand our membership and support base.”

Jae Bach Hardie is a Scottish Young Green and member of the Dundee and Angus branch

Adam Ramsay

adam head shot

“I’ve somehow managed to be a member of the Scottish Young Greens for 14 years, and in that time, I’ve watched the party change and grow. One of the key people who has always been leading the changes which have delivered that growth has been Maggie Chapman.

“Hers is a different kind of leadership: she values deeds over words, she uses her positions to give the stage to others. She shows the party how it can reach out, how it can mobilise others. She is, in other words, exactly what a Green politician should be. And that’s why I was delighted to vote to #reelectMaggie.”

Adam Ramsay is a Green and a journalist from Perthshire who’s surprised to discover that he’s still young enough to qualify as a member of the Scottish Young Greens. He was president of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association once upon a time.

Sam Hollick

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 18.28.07

Maggie‘s pioneering work in creating Leith Decides was a great example to Greens across the British and Irish Isles on how to put our radical approach to government into practice.

“It inspired us in Oxford to run our own participatory budgeting with our discretionary spending – an approach that will be key for Greens as we continue to change politics.

“I have no doubt that Maggie would continue to be a great inspiration to us South of the border as re-elected co-convenor of the Scottish Greens.”

 Cllr Sam Hollick is former Green group leader on the Oxford City Council and a member of the Young Greens of England and Wales

Juliette Daigre


I don’t have many role models in life, but Maggie’s definitely one of them. Her ability to lead without shouting, to explain without patronising, and to look out for those around her is what’s always stood out for me. She’s not like the traditional politician, and for me, that’s exactly why I’ve voted to #reelectMaggie.”

Juliette Daigre is a member of the Scottish Young Greens and former co-president of the Edinburgh University Green Society.

William Mohieddeen


“The Scottish Green Party has never been stronger, but I am supporting Maggie Chapman not because of our recent success – we should re-elect Maggie because of how much we can achieve in the Holyrood elections and to strengthen Green politics in Scotland.

“As a Young Green in the Highlands, Maggie made me feel very welcome to hear my thoughts on how the Green movement could advance the cause of young people in Scotland. However, I was inspired by her work on the Smith Commission. It is her strength, passion and ideas for young people in Scotland why I believe the Scottish Greens can become a genuine force in the Scottish Parliament from 2016 and why I will be re-electing Maggie Chapman.”

William Mohieddeen is a Young Green from the Highlands and Islands and former president of the University of Abertay Students’ Association

Sam Coates

sam coates

“I was elections co-cordinator for the Green Party of England and Wales during the European election. The campaign Maggie led in Scotland really impressed us all down here, and it seems clear from afar that she’s been key to the growth of the Scottish Greens since then.”

Cllr Sam Coates is a Young Green in England and Wales, former Elections Co-ordinator or the Green Party of England and Wales and former co-chair of the Young Greens of England and Wales.

William Pinkney-Baird


“Maggie has always impressed me as being a strong radical voice at the heart of the Scottish Greens, campaigning for radical local democracy, trade unionism, migrants’ rights, and the living wage. Maggie has been a massive asset to the Scottish Greens, and I’m voting to #reelectMaggie so she can continue to bring her radical politics and wide range of experience to the table in next year’s Holyrood elections and 2017’s council elections.”

William Pinkney-Baird is a Scottish Young Green based in Glasgow