I grew up in Zimbabwe and have very fond memories of the place.  My Mum still lives in the house I was born in, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it incredibly …

From time to time, I will post news stories, pictures and other information about Zimbabwe here.  For now, just think about the sunshine, midsummer heat, thunderstorms, the smell after long-awaited rain …


I returned to Zim to check up on Mum, spend some time with her, and catch up with old friends at the 50th National Musicamp. We had a wonderful week making music, talking, drinking tea and tequila (not together!). And I was privileged to play Barber’s Adagio for Strings with a small group of very talented musicians. Thank you all for a very memorable week!

Barber Adagio(Thanks to Catherine McGuiness for the photo)

MARCH 2014

Thursday 20th March was a very sad day. My Dad, Neil Chapman, died following complications from surgery for bowel cancer. Mum and I were with him, Cath (my sister) and her two girls were on their way to us. I miss him.

Dad at the piano


I returned to Zim for three and a half weeks in July/August this year, and spent much of that time entertaining my two nieces, Maeve and Nara, who were experiencing Africa (or one little bit of it) for the first time.  It was a wonderful, if exhausting time …

This pic is from a wild animal sanctuary just outside Harare

All of us in the sunshine (with Bobby the golden lab and Jessy the black lab being bashful)



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