Let’s stand up against xenophobia!

In a world where it is apparently acceptable to equate a government minister with a fundamentalist and a nation’s leader with a despot, those of us who fight for equality and against xenophobia and racism have much work to do. Part of this must be to call out xenophobia whenever and wherever it happens, which is the basis of the #notmyxenophobia campaign launched today by Jean Urquhart MSP, Roza Salih and me.


As someone who came to Scotland from southern Africa nearly 17 years ago, I’ve always found a warm welcome in this country. Sadly my experience isn’t shared by others. The ward I represent, Leith Walk in Edinburgh, is the most diverse in Scotland, and I want everyone in my ward to feel as welcome as I did when I came to Scotland. The crass comments by UKIP’s MEP for Scotland, David Coburn show that there is too much xenophobia in Scotland.

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